i deleted the menu web block from my app but the 3 bar menu still shows up on mobile. on the desktop the menu is not displayed. when i inspect the html i can see that on mobile the html below is generated. on the desktop it's not there.

<div  class="Header_RightSection HiddenInDesktop"><a id="LiverpoolTheme_wt120_block_wt20" tabindex="1" class="Header_ButtonMenu" href="#"><span class="fa fa-fw fa-bars"></span></a></div >

why is the app without a menu web block still generating that 3 bar menu? is this a bug?

thank you for any feedback
You using SILK UI? I think its Responsive Server Side (RESS), it's possible that it doesnt generate the same content depending on the platform that is loading said content, not sure tho.
Yes we're using SilkUI.