I am able to access REST API's which have auth type as BASIC, but when I'm trying to access the REST API which has auth type as NTLM I'm facing some or the other issue.

When I tried accessing the REST API with auth type as NTLM, i was getting 401 unauthorised error.
Then I tried accessing by supplying Authorization Type as NTLM from outsystem platform, and I started getting 400 error. Request is badly formed.

FYI, I am able to acces this API from web browser without any issue.

Can you please suggest.

Thanks & Regards
Hi Manish,

I am not aware about what is NTLM type authentication but in order to access REST API from OutSystems you need to provide credentials to REST API.

In my case, I had to give username, password through XML. 

Also check whether your REST API needs some input parameter. 

TO conclude, you will need to prepare one xml which passes username, password and input parameters.

Pass that well formed xml to REST API abd try to access it.

Hope this helps.

-- Suraj B.

OutSystems REST services don't support NTLM out of the box. You need to implement is yourself. If you search for NTLM on this forum, you'll find several pointers on how to do that.