Set up Service Center and Users integration to AD using Lifetime

Set up Service Center and Users integration to AD using Lifetime

Hi fellows,

We've trying to set up AD integration to Service Center and Users using Lifetime, but w/o success. Has anyone setup this integration? If so, we would appreciate some advices.

Below is the step-by-step we've done so far...

  1. We’ve selected External Authentication Provider;

  1. We’ve selected LDAPAuthProvider (because when we choose the ADAuthProvider, the Lifetime claims that ‘ADAuthProvider does not support the Java Platform’ – it is for .NET, right?);
  1. We have 3 environments: Platform Server, UAT and Development;
  1. When we select one of environments and open the Configure window, we insert the following requested info:
  1. Hostname
  2. Base DN
  3. Credentials: Here we are in doubt which option we should select: Use Standard LDAP or Use AD Credentials
    1. If we choose Use Standard LDAP and insert the Search Filter, Manager DN and Manager Password, the Check Manager seems to validate successfully. In other words, the Lifetime confirms that the these credentials are valid. The Test User Login also validates successfully as you can see in previous e-mail evidence. But when we back to Authentication screen and we click on Test Authentication Provider, this test fails and we cannot click on Save Authentication Settings.
    2. If we choose Use AD Credentials, the configuration becomes more simple. We just insert the hostname, base DN and regard the Default domain we don’t know what to type. What is expected for Default domain? But the Test User Login fails. On the other hand, the Test Authentication Provider runs successfully (even the Test User Login fails!!).

Marcos Fukaya
Hi Marcos,

Our team is going to reach out to you privately to help you troubleshoot this.