how to create muti checkbox from entity static ?????

Hi Viet,

You can put an aggregate on the preparation of your screen to list all the roles (from your static entity) and add the structure "boolean" - to capture wich roles are selected.

Then you just need to put the List Records widget on the screen to show the data.

Don't forget the checkbox!
I'm sending you my example attached, let me know if that helps.


Hi Viet,

To do that, you should use the List Records widget. Prepare a query that retrieves all your static entity records (and probably left join it with whereever you store what roles the user actually has), and use that as Source Record List for the List Records. Inside the List Records, add a checkbox and an expression. Set the checkbox to whatever your boolean is that holds the setting, and set the expression to the label of your static entity. For the layout of things you may need to use some proper styling. Don't forget to set the List Records Line Seperator property to the desired value (probably "None" if you're using CSS for styling).

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How can I then list the values that have been selected in a report page? 

Hi Antonio,

You need to store them in the database, then retrieve them (and join them with the static entity) on the report page.

Hi Kilian,

I have stored them in the DB but when I retrieve them I am getting all of them instead of the ones that were selected. 


Hi Antonio,

Assuming that you store only the Ids for the ones that have been checked, you should join the Ids with the static entity. The only way I could see you get all of them is that you take the static entity and left join ("With or without" in an Aggregate) with the table you have stored it in.