Grid spacing - .css issue after upgrading from 8 to 9.1

We have upgraded our development environment (OS hosts our cloud environment) from 8 to 9.1 and I've run into a problem after I went in and refreshed all the outdated dependencies.  All my grid spacing seems to have disappeared.  When I inspect the element in Chrome, I get an error that it couldn't load a resource of Theme.London.extra.css.

The pages display properly in Service Studio, but not in a browser.  You can see what I am talking about at  

In the QA environment (which hasn't been upgraded) it looks fine -

Help is appreciated
Well, this just fixed itself after I updated the upgrade ticket with OS to let them know of the error.  The 404 I was getting (see attached screenshot) no longer happens.  Waiting to hear from OS Support to see if they made a change.

Hi Cory,

During the upgrade have you followed the installation checklist and have published the new version of System Components?

Tiago Simões

I didn't publish the new version of System Componenets, but the OS team did.  I published a solution with all components and then resolved any errors that appeared as a result of that.