Edit link is not created after 2 darg-and-drop

Hi Outsystems

You might find this a bit silly but . . .

I have created some entities and then I have drag-and-drop them to "Main flow" area but the edit link for newly created objects are not created. What am I doing wrong? See attached figure.


I add "Name" attribute than the link is created!
Can we tell the system to treat other words like "Code" the same way?


OK. Firstly sorry for my cryptic language. Let's start over.

You know when you drag-n-drop (dnd) an entity in the flow area, list view is created.
And then when the entity is dropped for the second time, edit view is created and an
edit link is created from the list view.

Well, for the entity I have defined no such link was created. When I add attribute "Name" then it worked.

Come to think about it, this is an implicit uncontrolled behaviour.
When creating the entity, user should be given the option select which attribute to use for this purpose.

I hope this is a bit more clear description.