[JIRA Connector] Demo is not working on bali for java stack

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Published on 2018-12-04 by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 2018-12-04 by OutSystems R&D
Hi Guys,
This demo in this connector is not working on java stack of the plataform with oracle
The IssueField structure is too large and it is not possible publish it.

Anyone has any workaround or fix for this?

Internal Error

Compilation Error.


    [javac] Compiling 954 source files to /opt/outsystems/platform/share/JIRAItaipu/full/bin/app
    [javac] ----------
    [javac] 1. ERROR in /opt/outsystems/platform/share/JIRAItaipu/full/src/osjiraitaipu/managedbean/flowmainflow/ScrnCreateIssue.java (at line 1759)
    [javac]     protected void storeViewState (ObjectOutput output) throws Exception {
    [javac]                    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    [javac] The code of method storeViewState(ObjectOutput) is exceeding the 65535 bytes limit
    [javac] ----------
    [javac] 1 problem (1 error)

/opt/outsystems/platform/share/JIRAItaipu/full/build.xml:90: Compile failed; see the compiler error output for details.

State: Second Stage Compilation

I tried it with .Net stack also and was not succesfull....anyone implimented it succesfully?



Same error over here... On, Java stack.

Same here on P10.

Same error on, Java stack.

Any suggestion to resolve it?

Hi Guys,

There are a java limitation for the view state. On the create issue screen,  the component is using an structure that contains too many parameters and this is over that limit. In my case , I clone the original structure, and cut the parameters that I am not using, replacing it on that screen. 

Sorry if I cant share the oml because I don´t have access to that java environment anymore.

This is the only way I found to workaround it.  The jira structure has too many fields not mandatory to the regular usage.