how to catch a notify when I am not using a popup editor ?

Today I was creating a master/detail page using a web block as detail in the same page. When I save the detail I need to update the description in master "section". As I am using zTree I will lose the tree structure if I refresh the component. If I can capture the description using the get notify this would solve my problem. However, I only saw the on notify destination on popup editor. 
Thanks in advance for some help, people.

Hi Luciano,

If I understood your use case correctly, you need to:

  1. Use the Notify action in the action flow of the Web block associated with the button that saves the detail. Use the input parameter Message of the Notify action to send the necessary information to the master screen.
  2. In the master screen, select the Web block and define the On Notify Destination action.
  3. In the action defined in step 2, you can obtain the Message from the Web block with the NotifyGetMessage action.
The following help pages will probably help make things clearer:
Hi Paulo,
  actually this web block is called on other screens as popup. However, thinking on your tips I decided to change the web block using the notify and encapsulate it with another. The outer web block will handle the notify closing the popup screen. At least there are no errors after the changes... 

Thank you so much