Hello All,

I have used inbuilt datepicker controls as start date and end date on form. I want to validate
1]Unable to type into date picker. on click open calendar and thenselect date
2]Or Type only number and take only proper date format like dd-MM-yyyy or MM-dd-yyyy
3]End Date always greater than start date Or Based on start date end should be displayed on calendar

I have used javascript and completed it. But I want used this using JQUERY inbuilt plugins.
Hi Pradip,

1) To disable to type into datepicker, just disable the textbox associated with it.
2) You can use masks to achieve this (like CustomMask or InputMask)
3) You should implement this validation by comparing the source variables of the associeated textboxes. You can also use the OnUpdate event of the Input_Calendar.

Hope it helps