Connect to Environment

Connect to Environment


How can I connect to envoronment in the Integration Studio? It showed a login form but I don't know what password to use with Admin user.
Please, help me!
Hi Darcio, 

the password should be the same you use in Service Studio.

As an additional hint, check the server box if it's directed to the same environment as you have in Service Studio.


Me desculpe, mas para mim ainda não está claro..... No Service Studio eu conecto com meu e-mail como user, não Admin.... já tentei todas as formas e não estou conseguindo.

Hi Darcio,

Are you trying to login as admin on your personal environment? I'm asking this because admin user is not available on personal environments, you should use instead the same user as you do on Service Studio.

Kind regards,
Ivo Gonçalves

what should be the enviroment name??

Jozy Sohail wrote:

what should be the enviroment name??

Hi Sohail,

Let me see if I can answer your point.

I have a Personal environment and when connecting to the server I use

In OutSystems, we have our own internal servers with the platform installed on-premises. We use the domain names of the server like, for example, or (these names are hypothetical).

Does this answer your question?

Best regards,


what should i write in the Environment ? 

i didnt get the answer above, i only have account (email) and password, but what should i do for Environmen ?t

Hi Ahmed,

After you've logged in with your email and password on the OutSystems website (which you already have, or you couldn't post), click on the "Platform" tab all the way at the top of the screen, and the URL to your environment will be revealed:

You can click "Create App" and Service Studio will be opened, connected to your environment. For Integration Studio, you need to manually enter the URL, your username (which is your e-mail address) and your password.