I have an Advanced Query which when tested, returns data within seconds, but when test deployed with the same parameters it returns a time out error. I have tried to extend the time out value to 60 second but no effect.

How to troubleshoot this one?

Version 9.1.300.0
Hi Staley,

Without further context is hard to "guess" why. One common issue is if before executing the query you have some sort of lock on the table (for example if you call a webservice that inserts a record there which is using a different transaction).

i'd recommend you checking with your DBA if you have any locks and try to identify the source of those if present.

Hope this helps,
Hi Stanley,

To complement what Guilherme mentioned, please have a look on the following post:
There you have additional information on how to troubleshoot this kind of issues.

Kind regards,
Ivo Gonçalves