“Design your OutSystems T-shirt” contest is back!

Hi everyone,

My name is Carla Sofia and I just joined the community team at OutSystems. Which means you’ll see me around here more frequently, and if there is any help that you need - i’m just an email away!

So, without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to a very visionary t-shirt design contest!

The contest

Do you have a crazy idea for a t-shirt design?

For the next two weeks, you will have the opportunity to submit your own design ideas for the next OutSystems Developer t-shirt!

If you are out of ideas, we are counting on you to vote on your favorite design (through the like button).

So, how does this work?  

Well, it’s really simple. You just have to:

  1. Download the attached design template,

  2. Edit it in your favorite program,

  3. Upload the design as an attachment to the post, and

  4. Submit a resized version (width of 760px) as an embedded image in the post (one design per post, please!)

The prize

  • Bragging rights of having their own designed t-shirt being worn by our community champions (as we’ll print and send a limited number of t-shirts)

  • 3 t-shirts and an exclusive Mug.

The rules

  • The contest runs from March, 29 to April 17, 11:59PM GMT 0. All entries must be submitted within this time-frame.

  • All community members will have the opportunity to vote on their favourite t-shirt designs.

  • From the top 5 most voted by the members, OutSystems team will then pick the winner.

  • The rights for all submitted designs will be given to OutSystems. The fact that a design is submitted means that OutSystems can use it in the future, and make a t-shirt (or other merchandise) out of it, even if it isn’t the winning design.

  • The winners will be announced at the Developer Meetup at NextStep’16 Lisbon - to be announced soon.

Looking forward to getting a look at all of your great designs :)


Carla Sofia Teixeira
OutSystems Community Manager
Dear all,

here's my idea. I'm sorry but i had to do it ;)


that's my idea.

Best regards!
Here's my design
To get some ideas, the link to the previous contest....

Got the same design but with a different T-shirt color :)
Feedback is welcome! :D
Some info :
  • The OutSystems logo on the side join each other (back and front)
  • Font : Corbal (regular and bold)
  • Colors : Black and red ( #dd1010 )

Black version:

Red version:

Front Text/logo:

Back Text:

Here my contribuition:

It's just about the slogan

Hi all, here's my first take (inspired by this Dragon Balls design).

And here's the OutSystems ring design in case you want to use it on your own designs.
Second take, this time on OutSystems Platform becoming mainstream. :)

I promise this is my last "OutSystems circles" reference. :P

Bonus... pick mine, and maybe I'll get around to getting that OutSystems tattoo I've been thinking about! :)


Justin, upvoting! The t-shirt design looks cool AND I want to see that tatoo happening! :)
Let me give it another shot:

hey Mario,
What about your first idea "Go publish yourself!#proudToBeOutDev  eheheheheh!


Here's my first idea!
It's just a joke :)

I hereby donate the rights of that sentence to anyone in the community who would like to make an awesome t-shirt with that quote :)
Hi guys,

I am not good at t-shirt designing, please forgive if anything wrong.

thanks Mario, here's the result:

Well, working with paint is hard but here's my attempt.
Thank's to Luis Pereira for resizing the picture =)

Davide Résio wrote:
Well, working with paint is hard but here's my attempt.
Thank's to Luis Pereira for resizing the picture =)

Use GIMP - GNU Image Manipulation Program (Free and OpenSource, maybe an idea for OS?)

Davide Résio - awesome :) In fact we dropped the "About Agility" tagline long ago... And now I know what happned to it... It was Homer :D
About image resizing, you can also play with img properties on the editor:

Well it all turned out for the better. The thing is, I didn't want to install another software just for the sake of making this. But thanks for all your ideas, I'll take those into account the next time there's another friendly "competition" like this ;)
Here's another idea!
Be Agile! :)
Working with bitmap images is a pain. I recommend going vectorial to get your design ready for printing on a t-shirt! :)

Here's an SVG file ready to use to make your life easier:

Download and edit it with Inkscape - cross-platform and open source like GIMP. ;)
I think OutSystems should remove this dislike button because everyone is posting their ideas by taking time from their tight schedule and no one has right to discourage someone.

People if you can't appreciate someone's idea at least please don't down vote just to win some points.
Absolutely Steven! Let me post the biggest like of all dedicated to everyone contributing with their ideas :)  So guys - thanks and keep those t-shirts flowing!

What about you Steven? Any ideas? :P

Thanks Mario for the big like.

I am newbie to community and discussing my idea with Suraj B and will post soon.

It's fun designing t-shirt and using Outsystems platform.

A very hot t-shirt for the out people :)
I know I already submitted one above, but I thought of a second idea, which could be very interesting: adding the OutSystems symbol inside the iconic Pink Floyd album and working on the TRANSFORMATION topic !

Hi all,

Here's my first design!

Suraj Borade wrote:
Hi guys,

I am not good at t-shirt designing, please forgive if anything wrong.

Hey suraj i liked the design of t shirt, Good One!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi guys,

Just another idea to finish Friday with a bang!

Have a great weekend!
Here is my t-shirt design, created by me and my daughter. It's inspired by my daughter's favorit building app.

Inspired by Daniel Martins' design and the rear view mirror on my car.

Hi guys - awesome designs! Really good ideas :)
We only have 5 days untill the contest ends, so don't forget to vote & make your last submissions!

(And don't forget to ask your friends to vote on your design so that you'll have a chance at the top 5!)
One more idea.

Have a good weekend!
An "alternative" design to the first post's idea

I laughed! Let's hope Service Studio doesn't crash during the paste operation.
Only 9hours left until the end of the contest!

Last chance to vote on the t-shirt you think should be the winner!
The contest has now officially closed & the submissions and votes have been collected.

The Community Team will choose the winning design from the top 5 most voted designs.
Congratulations to:

  1. Suraj Borade

  2. Joao Heleno

  3. Tiago Simões

  4. Ricardo Neto

  5. J.

The final winner will be announced at the Developers Morning @ Next Step (fyi, only a few seats left).

Thank you all for your contributions!

Congrats to the finalists! And thanks for the link to Developer's Morning, I didn't know about it so I am glad you did, just registered. :)

Wednesday, 2 May 2016 ?

It's Monday, 2 May 2016.
Thanks every body for your votes and supporting my design upon my request.

Thanks Carla for your gentle reminder to take part in this competition.

Excited to see the winners.

Suraj Borade
José Fernandes wrote:
You must change the day of the week of the event here. 

Wednesday, 2 May 2016 ?.... It's Monday, 2 May 2016.
Hi José, 

Thanks for the heads up. Already corrected it :)

José Fernandes wrote:
José Fernandes wrote:
You must change the day of the week of the event here. 

Wednesday, 2 May 2016 ?.... It's Monday, 2 May 2016.
Cool designs... I'll be on the lookout to see who won.
Hi everyone,

We are pleased to announce that J. is the winner of the t-shirt design contest (round of applause).

Besides winning this contest, J is also one of the most active members in the community! THANK YOU!

We also want to thank  everyone who participated with submissions or votes (we reached over 600 interactions - replies and votes - you guys are awesome!).

Stay tuned for next challenges ;)

P.S. And we'd really like to see some pictures of everyone who attended Developers Morning with the t-shirt!


Congrats J. Best wishes from me.

João Heleno wrote: Hah, its funny idea

Dear all,

here's my idea. I'm sorry but i had to do it ;)