Needs to publish an app. in Enterprise Environment which is developed in Personal

I have one personal environment and I have developed some applications in that. Now i have an enterprise environment where I want this application which is created on my local. When I try to access local apps. From the enterprise environment and try to publish I’m getting the some error.
when I try to publish the app. I’m getting the below error which is saying ‘developing an app module in one environment  can’t be publish in other environment’.
Description: cid:image006.jpg@01D18EA0.7CC32390
Description: cid:image006.jpg@01D18EA0.7CC32390
Previously I uploaded this app. in forge and downloaded from forge in order to work in new environment but that’s not the correct way to do it.
Can you kindly give me the exact steps how we can achieve this in order to access from my enterprise environment. I also tried with the IPP then also i got mail saying that

"The Intellectual Property rights of the application(s) you requested could not be granted due to a rule that prevents uploading solutions from a Personal to an Enterprise environment.
For more information reach out to the OutSystems technical support - The IP rights of your applications could not be granted <> ."

Kindly help me on this.
Thanks & Regards,

Hi Ameen,

The best way is to do like it says on the email. Open a support ticket and explain the situation. They will help you get your application into your new environment.

João Rosado

Hi Rosado,

Thanks for your reply and i will do as the same as you suggessted