Hi! The feedback_message isn't appearing when I have a popup on top of a popup.

We discovered the issue with a contact form that pops up for data entry. The popup allows the user to enter new States and Countries to a drop-down menu via a second popup window. The menu management module provides a feedback message if the State or Country already exists. Only in the case of layered popups the message is not displayed until all popups are closed and the user navigates to another page. I have replicated the issue in a small application (attached).

Is this a bug, or should we not open popups on top of other popups?

Thank you,
probably both.

not sure about the bug thing, but really, a popup on top of a popup is in my book a big No-no.
we're not creating old school windows modal dialog applications..

Not exactly a modal dialog situation, but I understand what you are saying. Thanks for the advice.

Update: When the first popup doesn't use Layout Popup, the feedback messages work.