Editable Widget Table - Change position of "Add Record"

Editable Widget Table - Change position of "Add Record"

Hi all,

Is it possible to change the position of "Add Record" button in an editable widget table? I want to change it to the top right corner, inside the header.

Something like this:
I need this workaround because the customer is requesting more space in the page and I have 3 more tables exactly the same.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Miguel,

The editable table is not configurable to allow that.

in order to achieve that what you can probably do is:

1) By css hide the row .RowWithAddAction with style thus hiding the the link 

2) Create a link and place it on the top right corner of the table

3) Use javascript to setthe behavior of when clicking the custom link trigger the click on the original link

You can check a working sample here

Hope this helps



Hi Guilherme,

Thanks for your reply. 

It works!


Miguel Pinto