Good morning

I would like to know whether you could put me on the right track with a few requirements? I would like to achieve the following:

1. Notify (either through a message or a screen refresh) a logged in user based on a button that has been pushed on a webpage. As well as the reverse where I would like to refresh a screen when a specific mobile button has been pushed.

I've noticed that there is the "Synch" and "Event System" on the forge. Are they the correct modules to explore with? I am currently working with PushWoosh too, but would like to see if there is an alternative.

Thank you.
Hi Jean,

To be honest, I have not tried any of those components, but if I understood correctly your requirements, it should be straight forward if you use javascript & a RestAPI:
  1. setTimeout every 5 or 10s
  2. When the timeout occurs do an manual ajax request ($.ajax) to the Rest endpoint
  3. The Rest endpoint will return the oldest unread message for that user
  4. in Javascript trigger the platform feedback message (with this component)

These messages will only show up if the app is open and in foreground, additionally you should handle page transitions (meaning, avoid doing requests if requests are in place).

Let me know if it helps.