[Refactor] Several Fixes - Multitenancy, Static Entities, Deployment Controller access
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Forge component by Francisco Menezes
Hi Francisco,

here at Wodify, our team started testing your tool, and we've found some issues that we've been fixing them:

  1. It wasn't supporting entities with Multitenancy (there's some extra columns that needs to update)
  2. It wasn't supporting static entities (there's the ossys_entity_record that was not having into account)
  3. In a farm environment, the DeleteShare eSpace was connecting to the first Front-End server that finds, and tried to delete the "Share" folder which only have content in the DC server.

With these changes, we "refactored" the application completely, but still it was based on yours.

So, my question is, do you want us to share with you the app, or, do you prefer that we create a new application here in Forge. We will always say that this application was build based in yours, of course.

Just let us know your decision.

Nelson Freitas

Hi Nelson,

Seems like you did a good work on improving Refactor. Have you published anything on the Forge or did you get to some agreement with Franscisco to merge your stuff?




so, what happened with this?

(need to be refactoring soon, and it will also be refactoring static entities in 9.1 still)

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