i'm trying to import some dlls in Integration Studio but i'm getting a compilation error.

Invalid token "." in class

When i look at the generated .NET source code i can see that outSystems is generating an invalid class name. it contains dots as shown below.

public static class WebServiceUtilsHansen.CDR.Proxies

is there any way i can tell outSystems not to put dots into the class name when it generates the .NET code for the extension?

Thank you.

Hi Fabian,

What version of the platform are you using?

I can't recall of Outsystems generate static classes, at least in the recent versions.

Can you share the extension so I can take a look into it. If you prefer, send it through private message.


Hi Carlos

We are using version 9.1

We gave up on  this and have moved on. We're not using an outSystems extenstion anymore. I had also opened a support call #1214683 but that has kind of been abandoned by outSystems...

I'm attaching the DLL that contains the invalid class names if you like to take a look

Thank you.


Hi Fabian,

Regarding the support case you can try to escalate the ticket. In order to do that please access the OutSystems Support Portal and use the "Escalate" option, after selecting that case.

Regarding the DLL, I am sorry  but I somehow confused.

The Hansen.CDR.Proxies.dll DLL it's not generated by the OutSystems Integration Studio, correct?

What are you trying to accomplish? Use that DLL in a an OutSystems Extension.

Again I apologize if I'm not being able to understand your question,

Hope you can provide me some more information, so I can help you in a more effective way.


Carlos Sousa

I'm so sorry I gave you some wrong info. The attached DLL is the one I want to use in an outSystems Extension.

However the one I attached seems to not work so I'm attaching another one.

When you try to use this DLL in an extension you will get a compilation error. See below. 

it is caused by the dots in the name of the class. The only way around it seems to edit the generated code and change the class names. Again we have given up on this since it's too much work. We decided to write a REST API that wraps these dlls and are calling the REST API from outSystems.

NET Compilation.

WebServiceUtilsHansen.CDR.Proxies.cs(7,46): error CS1514: { expected
WebServiceUtilsHansen.CDR.Proxies.cs(7,46): error CS1519: Invalid token '.' in class, struct, or interface member declaration
WebServiceUtilsHansen.CDR.Proxies.cs(7,59): error CS1519: Invalid token '{' in class, struct, or interface member declaration

I'm trying to reproduce the issue but it seems that DLL has some dependencies you're not providing. At this point I'm missing this one:

'Hansen8ClientProxies, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null'

Can you provide the full set of dependencies?

I'm glad you were able to move on, but now I'm curious on understanding the reason behind your initial problem :)


Here is Hansen8ClientProxies

Hi Fabian,

I was trying to reproduce the issue you mention but I was unable to.

I was able to import the DLL you mentioned with no problem at all. Here's what I did:

  • Create a OutSystems extension in version 9.1.501
  • Create a test action;
  • Imported both your DLLs to the Visual Studio project.
  • Add the following code to the test action code, using classes made available by your DLL:

Hansen.CDR.WebServices.SiteStatusService siteStatusService = new Hansen.CDR.WebServices.SiteStatusService();

Hansen.CDR.SiteStatus siteStatus = new Hansen.CDR.SiteStatus();

Hansen.Core.WebServiceUtilities.WebServiceResult webserviceResult = siteStatusService.LoadByID(ref siteStatus);

  • I was able to compile and publish the extension.

Attached is the test extension I developed.

Hope it helps.


sorry I wasn't clear what I'm doing. 

I create a new .NET extension. Right click Action. Select import actions from .NET assembly. then I select the dll that I sent you. then I check all the assembly items and click next. Then finish. After that when I compile I get the error as described earlier on.

i attached a screen shot.

Hi Fabian,

I think I finally got it (sorry for all this confusion).

Why don't you just rename the dll to HansenCDRProxies.dll (remove the ".")

I know it's not ideal, but it will not affect the way the included namespaces and classes are imported and used.

Meanwhile, continue pushing in the support case so the issue can be solved in a more elegant way.


Hi Carlos

Thank you for that suggestion. After I did that the original error goes away but others appear and I don't have time to work on this. So I have to leave this for now . Like I said we have moved on. 

Thank you.