Test Managment tool for outsystems

Is there any test management tool available within Outsystems?
where you can describe the tests necessary to verify the correct functional behaviour of the application developed with outsystems
where tester en devlopers can make manually test and record the results, keeps track of what’s been tested, what worked, what failed tool that can be use to plan and track testing, and to provide evidence for future audits
Hi Rachid.

Within OutSystems platform no, but there are some apps in Forge for Unit Testing.



You can check if this apps do what you need or you can change them to adapt to your requirements.

Hi Carlos,

Thanks for your reaction.

From documentation I see that Test automator supports only dotnet stack. So this is not an option for me.
I 'm trying UTF. Futher, I have encountered the BDDFramework. This seams also a promising tool.

Do you have some experience with UTF and automator?
Automator is for UI testing?
and UTF is more for low level development testing?
In one of the outsystems ppt about testing approach, I encountered also a tool called Oucome? but it is not available on forge?

Kind regards

correction: In one of the outsystems ppt about testing approach, I encountered also a tool called Outcome? but it is not available
see attachment
see also
It never saw the daylight afaik.

As far as I know, Outcome is an old solution and become deprecated. But if you wish, I can provide you an oml so you can take a look.
Hi Andre,

Thanks for your reaction,
Yes, please send me oml if you have it

thansk in advance

Here it is (probably contains IPP).

Hope it helps!
Hi Andre,

thanks for the oml.
when I publich I got the following error:
'Header' Web Block is incompatible with the 'DevelopmentTools' module definition. Please update it.

The resource cannot be found.

Description: HTTP 404. The resource you are looking for (or one of its dependencies) could have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.  Please review the following URL and make sure that it is spelled correctly.

Requested URL: /DevelopmentTools/Exceptions_DevTools.ErrorPage.aspx

do you know how I can fix this issue?
I think I need developmentTools? can you send me this?

Kind regards

Yes, I think you'll need devtools. I've attached here, give it a try.
Hi Andre,

Thanks again. Tt works now after the installation of the development tool.
I will use the ppt you sent before as guidence and try the tool.

kind regards

Rachid Kherrazi