export the application logic to an XML like format.

Is there any possibility to export the application logic to an XML like format.
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Hi Rachid,

Unfortunately no. OutSystems uses a proprietary format based on XML but no accessible to the public.

May I ask you exactly why would you need to do this?

Hi Guilherme,

Thanks for your reaction.
Sometimes we want to review the application logic. it will be nice /handy if it is possible to export this and use it in other modeling tools. 

Currently it is only possible to export this as image

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Rachid, have you checked OutDoc?
Hi Nuno,

Thanks for your reaction.
OutDoc is indeed a nice tool for design documentation, however I still was not able to get the screen flow diagrams in OutDoc. as example us used the eCommerce application and want to get the attached screen flow (control flow) diagram in the generated document

do you known how to get this in the generated document?

as I mentioned before, in current version of outsystems it is possible to export images from the studio containing
the application’s Screen Flows, Processes or Actions. Although this becomes visually useful in review to check the conformance between these models, it is, in fact, a complex task to do so, since a single user workflow can be spread through all the Screen Flows of the application.
Therefore a nice solution/improvement would be to have a mechanism to export the entire set of Screen Flows, Processes and Actions of a specific application into a single known text file format (such as the ones used in Graphviz, for instance) in order to allow the usage of simple algorithms to produce conformance reports.
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I misinterpreted your request. OutDoc outputs the flow in processes, not in actions.
Maybe you can extend OutDoc to do more.
Hi Rachid,

Not sure if you did it already or not, but this is a great candidate for a new idea in the in our community ideas pool.