I have created a LineChart in my project by using Charts in OutSystems, but I only know how to draw one line in it,
how can I add another line in this chart? Thanks a lot.
add a new series with a different name.
J. wrote:
add a new series with a different name.
 Hi J,

Thanks a lot for the reply. And I have added two DataPoint List with different names in my project.
And in DataPoint_Init action, I give them two different Data Series name.Also, use the list append action and add then to the different line charts. But it didn`t work. Do I miss something?

not sure, please share a simple oml :)

here is have an example oml with 2 lines...

Hi J ,

In your example oml , by default DOT are not visible it only visible when someone HOVER it , How to make  DOT visible?

Hi Rocky,

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Sure Killan