Has anybody successfully consumed SharePoint 2013 REST services?  It's been suggested to me that I look at OAuthSample but nothing in that makes any sense.  And besides; I want to use REST out of the box; not depend on forge components.

Thank you
Hello David. 

I think you're mixing two things in one question. It's probably been refered to you to look at OAuthSample so that you can implement oAuth in your own code, since it's not supported out of the box.

Other thing is to consume the SharePoint REST API directly. I don't know much about the API to be helpful, but looking at the way they have written the documentation, I can tell that it's gonna be hard work to consume it, cause they don't have JSON examples and there's no swag for you to try to consume directly. This is the problem with REST nowdays, they are great, but there's no official language to describe them, and that's a big problem for people trying to consume any REST API. To note that this is not OutSystems related, it's cross industry!

Pedro Cardoso

Hello David,

I'm facing the same challenge now. Did you manage to get this working? If so, I would appreciate it if you could send me some information.

Thank you, 

Danny Creusen

Hi Danny.  The only way I got this to work, if I recall correctly, was to write an extension and consume it there.  I'm on an old version of the platform so I'm not sure if this feature has been implemented.  I wish I could be of more help.

Hi Guys, I'm having the same challenge now is to consume a sharepoint api but having problem in authorization while i give a correct authorized info, If you have found a solution I will appreciate
Thanks in advance 

I created a test app to demonstrate exactly how to connect to sharepoint via REST API within Outsystems.  see here:  http://intrinsicinnovation.com/Articles/2018/08/22/integrating-sharepoint-with-outsystems/

Also, search in the forge for 'Sharepoint Connector' to download the application that connects to SharePoint.