Accidental Deletion of an eSpace

I did a very dumb thing.  I accidentally deleted an eSpace from Service Center, not Service Studio.  I know I'm probably screwed but thought I would ask.  Any way to recover the eSpace?

Yes, if you have a backup of database.

If not, the espace table has an IsActive column that is 0 when espace is Deleted. Maybe you can try to edit that (and a few other related tables).

Oh, and before that, do a backup of database ;)
No backup is available unfortunately.

It seems that the record is actually deleted.  Just a quick list of the eSpace entity records doesn't show my deleted eSpace.  I appreciate the help.

Hi Curt,

You should be able to find the record executing the following query:
SELECT * FROM dbo.ossys_Espace

And access it to download or to re-publish via the following url:


I have 100% sure that is the expected behaviour, or either it was deleted by someone directly in the database or caught by the "Check Old eSpace Versions to Delete" ServiceCenter routine.

Hope it helps you.
Thanks for the great information though I already recovered it from notes that I had.  Fortunately it was small.  Hopefully the information you posted will help someone else if they do something dumb like this.  Thanks!