how to jump to or highlight a specific field on screen

I see that sometimes a pop-up form opens, but the first field is not highlighted.

Also, I would like to jump to a specific field on screen based on some on-change logic on another field.

Is there a logic/function that allows me to go to a specific field?

I haven't used this tool before, but I think JQuery Autotab can helps you to achieve what you want. You could just take a look to get some ideas.

Not familiar at all with JQuery.

Any ideas on how to do that in OutSystems directly? I mean, All I want is really two things:

1) The cursor appear automatically on the first field in a screen. Right now, user has to click on it.

2) A way to programmatically send the cursor to another field (bypassing the tab order) on the same screen.


Hello Macro,

There is a widget in the RichWidgets (input_SetFocus) which can help you with this.

Kind regards,

I just played with it and it does exactly what I want.

Thanks Evert!