[Multitenant Management] Multi tenanty aplication

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Published on 12 Feb by Carlos Alfaro
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Published on 12 Feb by Carlos Alfaro
Hi guys,
multi tenant applications can be created with a Personal account?


It is possible to create multi-tenant applications in a Personal Environment.
For more info and reference, check out the post How to Build a Multi-tenant Application.
Hope this helps.


The instructions provided in the article above states it only applies to Outsystems Platform up to 7. I have tried downloading and installing all of the apps in my personal environment but I don't get to see the option of SelfRegistering a tenant within the Sales Espace.

Is there any updated guidance for this?

Hi Debra,

  actually the screen to register a tenant is available in this new application.  You will not find some espaces too. The article is outdate and you have to read some parts of it to combine with the knowledge available in this new application. Take some time but you will see that is easy.

I hope this helped you