When I put internationalization into my application by translating the words in a new locale, it's not possible to find the elements of the webblocks MyInfo and ChangePassword. How is it possible to translate these webblocks?

Hi Bennie,

In which version are you? 

I just tried to change that in and it works.

Hi Nuno Mauricio,

I work in the same version. Sorry if I was not clear about what I didn't exactly find,
but it's a label as 'phone' inside the MyInfo webblock that I can't find..
Hi Bennie, sorry for the delay.

In fact, those labels will not appear because they are referenced.
I think that the translations works only for the module where the text is created.

As workaround, you have to create your own form in order to have the translations available.
Or clone the "Users" module and reference this new one instead of the current "Users" module.

Hope it helps.