same resource, different content per server


another Resources-question.
I need to provide an foobar.xml (with that specific name ;) ) in my application and it should be accesible.
so it woulb be like this:

however, the contents of the 2 file should be different in prod and accpt!

How can I achieve this without having to worry about overriding the contents with deploying?

This doesn't seem possible when including directly it as a resource. Any reason why you want it to be included as a resource, instead of e.g. get it from the file system or read it from a db?
I need to provide it to a 3rd party...

but perrhaps I can convince them to use something.aspx :)

Is it possible not to include it as a resource, but to generate it after publication?
The only other thing I can think of is include both with a different name, and select one or the other depending on whether you're running in production mode.