Migration To Outsystems?

Migration To Outsystems?

I see the oml file is binary format.

I was hoping there was a path to migrate non Outsystem application models to Outsystem OML file or at least allow ISV to create a Migration Path from their old model based solution to the wonderful new outsystems platform.

Use case is I have http://www.ca.com/us/products/ca-plex.html models also saved as binary objects but I can access the models by provided API that allows me to interogate the models and therefore recreate the models in another tool...but not if the other tool in this case Oustsystems have no developlement API or XML formated OML files.

Is there a migration tool or way of generating the oml file with out keying in via the IDE to get xx% of the work done.

Most likely an idea and a huge idea at that interms of work and most likely not worth it but wanted to ask if there as an exisiting path. Just a germ of an idea and most likely nothing to save from the your migration source.


George -

You can import existing data models via Integration Studio and use them in your application... if you don't care about the data, once they are imported you can just copy/paste their Entities into your eSpace. Integration Studio can also expose existing .NET and Java code into your application.

Because of the way the OutSystems platform works, you really are not going to be able to import an application. That's just really quite a few bridges too far. :(


Are you talking about Rollbase platform where application gets created using XML? If that is the case, it's not possible with OutSystems platform for now.

Suraj Borade
Hi Suraji, like MuleSoft ESB uses XML config file that is intrepreted at runtime so the MuleSoft IDE is there to help you create the xml files..you could hand write them yourself, most likely like Rollbase platform.

Hi James, Yep as I said most likely a bridge too far, the DB import is great thou. I have faced the same issues with CA Plex with migration paths to it, critisims of storing the model in binary etc. Even played around with https://www.autoitscript.com/site/autoit/ to automate the key strokes with the Plex IDE but the CA the vendor did create a set of Model API com objects that allowed us to automate the creation of a few things.

Happy with saving time on the DB. The business logic would be nice to bring over obviously but maybe best today not to recreate it and use BPM like http://www.axonivy.com/worldwide/ instead of re-writing all the business rules in another platform. As for the MFC/Swing panel windows there is probably little point migrating predominantly desktp applications to the web paradigm.

Hi James

"if you don't care about the data" I would have thought all migrations would care about the data...but I will leave that for another thread as I explore the Outsystems platform. 

Thanks again