Hi everyone,

I am having a problem the with "Column Chart". I have a query with the output records listed as it supposed to...


If I set the staking type as "NoStaking" the chart is OK.

But if I set it as "Staked" the chart is sorted from the xlabel with the biggest number of serie to the smallest

Any thoughts how to solve this?
Hi Pedro,
I'm sorry for the late reply. Can you share your SQL query so that I can take a look?
(or send me you .oml)

Hi Vera,

here is the SQl i used:

SELECT {Month}.[Label], COUNT ({CompanyValue}.[Name]), {CompanyValue}.[Name], null, {Color}.[Background]
FROM {Medal} 
INNER JOIN {CompanyValue} ON {Medal}.[CompanyValue_Id] = {CompanyValue}.[Id]
INNER JOIN {Month} ON {Month}.[Order] = Month({Medal}.[DateOfMedal])
INNER JOIN {Color} ON {Color}.[Background] = {CompanyValue}.[ColorId]
GROUP BY {CompanyValue}.[Name], {Month}.[Label], {Color}.[Background], {Color}.[Background], {Month}.[Order]
ORDER BY  {Month}.[Order] asc
Hi Pedro,
I believe this issue is related to the widget itself and I've already reported this to our maintenance team.
Meanwhile, you can try this workaround - “inject” the JSON in the chart:
1.On Stacking Type choose “NoStacking”

2. In the Preparation add the “AdvancedFormat_Init” action

3. Add JSON here:
”plotOptions: { column: { stacking: 'normal', } },”

4. Then select the chart weblock on the screen and add the Advanced Format 

See the end result here:
Let me know if this works for you.
Hi Vera,

the solution did not work for me.

I check the HTML generated and the chart is being contructed for the first data series, then the second data series and so on. And not as i expected of being constructed record by record from the SourceDataPointList