REST API JSON response size limitation
I'm getting back a large amount of data in JSON fromat from a REST API.

i get this error.

Failed to parse response of the method 'GetCrewid' of the 'XXXWebAPI' REST API:
Parsing '[1039].Text': Unexpected end when deserializing object. Path '[1039].Text', line 4161, position 1.

when i look at the response in the OnAfterResponse event i can see that the response is chopped off at 65536 characters. Makes sense since this is the max string size.

however when i use chrome for example to call the same REST API it shows all the data just fine.

so my question is how can i get a JSON response that is larger than 65536 characters inside of outSystems?

thank you very much for any tips

Ricardo Silva
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It's perfectly possible to consume JSONs larger than 64k in OutSystems. See the attached eSpace which consumes a web service exposed by itself which generates a payload of 200k bytes.

So I believe there might be something wrong with the service you are consuming. Can you share its payload?

Hi Fabian, did you end up finding a solution for your problem? Im facing the same issue.