ServiceCenter - Internal Access Only


Can someone provide details on how to lock down ServiceCenter to only be accessible via internal network?

It's easy enough to do for user-built applications, but how exactly do I lock down ServiceCenter itself?

Hi Riaan,

Service Center is "Internal Access Only" by default. To restrict Service Center you just have to setup your internal network in configuration tool:
By doing this you're automatically restricting the access for Service Center.

Kind regards,
Ivo Gonçalves
Here is my settings for internal network:

"; 10.10.10.; 192.168.10.; 192.168.11.; 172.16.0."                local ip
10.10.10.                subnet where machine resides
192.168.10.            subnet 1 on ipsec tunnel
192.168.11.            subnet 2 on ipsec tunnel
172.16.0.                local management subnet

Front-end local IP set as

When I tell the config tool to install ServiceCenter, this is the error I get:

Service Center Installer v9.1.0.20
Start installing Service Center v9.1.0.20...
This operation may take a few minutes to complete...
Publishing Extension(s)...
Publishing Extension 'OMLProcessor'...
Publishing Extension 'IntegrationStudio'...
Reading ServiceCenter.oml oml file information...
Adding ServiceCenter eSpace to database...
Compiling ServiceCenter eSpace...
Preparing ServiceCenter eSpace deployment...
Deploying ServiceCenter eSpace...
Creating ServiceCenter default tenant...
Initializing Service Center...
ServiceCenter initialization failed. Failed to get HttpResponse from


On the plus side, access from outside the network is completely blocked with "You are not authorized to view this page"  -- Great job

On the negative side, access from inside the network/local machine/any ip in that range specified is also blocked

Any ideas?
Hi Riaan,

Could you try to access URL from your server? Is it working or does it gives error?

Is event viewer, application logs, showing any error?

Kind regards,
Ivo Gonçalves

using http://127 goes to localhost/servicecenter - You are not authorized

Application log:
OutSystems ISAPI Filter:   Rules data obtained from Service Center is invalid. Previous ruleset maintained in Filter.

Ammendment to the above: ping url is responding - OS platform is running - just cannot get to login screen...