ORA-12570 has occorred when insert many records

The following issues in the .Net + oracle environment has occurred.
We have created an action to repeat the data insert to database.
Run this action, and when about 200,000 of the data has inserted, the following error has occurred.
ORA-12570: Network Session: Unexpected packet read error
For verification, we created a pure C# applications that to repeat the data insert like above action.
To connect to oracle, we use ODP.net library what installed on the platform server.
In this case, the program is successfully completed, even 1,000,000 of the data.
Therefore, we think there is a problem with the OutSystems dll that calls ODP.net.
Kind regards.
Platform Server: 9.1.301.0
Stack: .Net
Database: Oracle 12c
That is not a code error, that is a networking error. Problem could be specific to your OutSystems server.

Thanks for your reply.
As you say, an error that has occurred on the surface is a network error.
Although on the same server, the same procedure (insert many records), and using the same ODP.net library, an error didn't  occurred in pure C # application.
Therefore, we think that the cause is in the code of OutSystems.
Kind regards.

I have the same problem. Were you able to solve it?

Hi Khalil,

It is just a very generic error that tells you there's a network problem. Any solution the OP had back in early 2016 will most certainly not apply to your situation. If you have an on-premise installation you should contact whomever is responsible for the infrastructure, and in case it's in the cloud, contact OutSystems Support.