Custom work for on the Accident Reporting App


Im looking for a developer that can take the existing accident reporting app in the forge, and add some basic customozations for me, and then help me to publish this as a standalone app.

When I say basic, I really mean very basic, and most of the existing app can be left as it is. So it is really not a lot of work. Anyone that is interested can let me know and then we can discuss the exact details and the price.
Hi Johan
Did you find anyone already?
Can you please be more specific about the requirements you have in mind? Maybe if you share the details here, you can find developers interested.


I have not found someone yet, here is a summary of exactly what I need:

I need someone to take the existing free sample app for accident reporting in the forge and:
1. Help me rebrand the app with my own look and feel. I have an internal designer that can supply all  the images, logos etc, and my coding knowledge is good enough to to do most of this already, so just someone to assist in case I get stuck
2. Assist me with setting up a user database for the app - I will need someone to help me and show me how to do this so that I can add new users to the databse in future on my own
3. Lastly and most importantly I need someone that can take the finished app and publish it for me so that my clients will be able to download it on IOS/Android devices.

Since th base app itself is already done, I dont think this will be too much work, so for now I just need a cost estimate and timeframe for this.

Eu poderia ajudar entre em contato no meu e-mail