[Infrastructure Monitor] Java stack support

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Published on 2018-08-09 by Duarte Santos
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Published on 2018-08-09 by Duarte Santos

Starting from version 1.1.0, Infrastructure Monitor can now also be used to monitor Java stack installations.

On the surface you won't see any changes - same UI, same metrics being monitored, same concepts and recommendations. Underneath, it's using SNMP to monitor Linux servers in the Java stack (as opposed to WMI for Windows servers), which required a whole lot of new plumbing.

Still our goal was to make it as simple as possible to configure and use, so make sure to check the installation instructions and please reach out to us in the component forum if you have any troubles.

Thank you!
Am unable to access the install instructions , Does it work for you ? if not Can you post it elsewhere?
Hi Rakesh,

The link is public and you should be able to access.
In any case, I've attached the PDF in this post.
Thanks ...