Hi All,

I have an email where users can click on a link (this works) but underneath this link I want the URL written down. (so they can copy it in the browser).
I tried using the following 2 functions from the extension HTTPRequestHandler:

MakeAbsoluteURL(GetEntryeSpace(EntryPoint,eSpaceName)) normaly this works perfect.
But in the email I get a local address:

How can I the correct behaviour?

Kind regards,
Martijn Habraken
hi Martijn Habraken,

You can add the below parameter to var and use it in the email.
"https://" + GetServerName() + "/espacename/xxxx.aspx"
Hi Manish Jawla,

Unfortunately, this solutions also results in a local address:

I think this happens because sending emails is a asynchronically process.
If I'm not mistaken, the OutSystems platform builds the link URLs as part of the email send process, based on the hostname configured in Service Center (Administration > Environment Configuration).

I'm not aware of any way to get that value, but you can easily replicate that behavior by creating a Site property for your hostname.
hi Martijn Habraken,

can u add '
https://" + GetServerName() + "/espacename/xxxx.aspx'as input parameter in email.

eg: add URL as an input parameter in email and use it and set this parameter with above value.

Hi Manish,

Putting the URL as input parameter indeed works.