BUG FOUND: swagger.json specification generator creates duplicate "description"

This bug was reported to outsystems technical support 5 months ago, without a confirmation response therefore no one is working on fixing this issue. (Case #1118648)

This bug still exist in 9.1.400.0, to validate the swagger.json file, you can use https://jsonformatter.curiousconcept.com/

When you attempt to use a 3rd party tool with the generated swagger.json file, the 3rd party tool fails.

Work around: manually edit the json file and remove the duplicate description node.

Hi Robert,

I'll be looking into the swagger schema problems and possible improvements.

Do you know other issues with it or missing information? (keep in mind that it needs to be information that could be introduced without breaking changes and that can be infered from the existing Service Studio model)

João Rosado

Joao, I know a lot of features that could be implemented to improve support for swagger. You have my Skype contact details right? Message me on Skype, if not ask your work colleagues from outsystems for my Skype Id. I'll explain the features that could help outsystems via Skype. thank you.