Currency symbol on same page but for different users

So we have a case where if a page is being viewed by one person it needs to use "$" and by another it needs to use the Euro symbol.  Is there an easy way to do this?  And this is the same page, not separate based on input variables on the page.

Hi Jason,

Currency symbol is most of the cases set by a site property, for that case you need extra logic built in order to implement the expected behaviour.

You will need:

- Extra parametrization for user company/country you will need to set a default currency.
- You will need to store the Currency in the Database together with value.

Hope it helps you.
Best regards.
The FormatCurrency() call accepts a variety of parameters. I typically will tie the formatting parameters to a user using an Entity that extends User (for this and other per-user settings), and pass them into FormatCurrency().