Access Web Block details into Web Screen


I am creating New Site Detail.

At this time, I need to add Device details. For this, I have a drop down. When I select 'Device' from drop down, that device must be associated with that site and I should be able to add more info about that device.

I have added KeyBoard and UE Boom from device. These details are being displayed from Web Block and other contents on screen are inside edit record including Device drop down.

When user selects New Device, new record for that device is created and that device is associated with that Site. 

Now user wants to add S/N and Configuration details when clicked on Save but this is the part of Web Block and save action is present on Web Screen.

How should I update these details while saving from Web Screen or is there any other way to achieve this functionality?

Please advice.

Thanks and Regards,
Suraj Borade

Hi Suraj,
Try this from forge. 

Hi Suraj,

1. You can move the Save / Cancel button on webblock and Pass the site, office address, mail address and device id as parameter to webblock and save the info.
2. You can bind the webblock elements with session variables and keep the save button on webform and clear them after completion.
3. You can create a staging table(eg. Temp table) and save the info of webblock on Onchange event into the staging table and clean up the table everytime you called the Save action.