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It's nice to see that the community leader board now has an option to remove OutSystems staff from the list! (Whether OS staff should be in the list at all is dubious, but that's a different question). However, what caught my eye is that there are a number of high-ranking members, that haven't been active for years (António Chinita - 2014, ovatsus - 2011, João Quitério - 2009(!), Paulo Tavares (of former OS fame) - 2014, Paulo Almeida - I get a 404 on his user page???). I think that we should have a mechanism that also keeps track of the actual, current activity, so that inactive members are slowly pushed down (and after a while are removed completely).
I agree
Hi guys,

We already talk about that internally, It's because leaderboard has the scores since ever. It's not considering the currently year for example. We have that request in the backlog.


Great, thanks!
Hehe, funny thing is that most of those are up on the leaderboard due to the forge components score and not actually forum activity.
Even though they are inactive doesn't necessarily mean that their components are not getting downloads/likes.

Not sure if doing a sliding window of time will be doable for the components score.

I just found some bugs in the leaderboard, at least some of which seem to have been introduced recently.

1) When opening the page, I see a wrong rank:

My profile page shows the right rank (12):

When I click "Hide OutSystems Employees" I'm at the right rank again:

2) When I then disable the "Hide OutSystems Employees", the top 10 is shown again, but I have completely vanished (I used to be beneath the top 10).

Pinging, since no-one replied to the above yet.

Aaannd... pinging again...

Hi Kilian,

I don't have news about that. But pretty sure next week I will.

Have a nice day


Ok, thanks.


Hi Kilian,

We fixed it.   


Great, thanks!

EDIT: Haha, I can't test it, I'm #10 now, so I don't get a seperate mention below the top 10 table :).

We can test with mine :)