Outsystems Platform database table prefixes - how are database table names generated?

When you publish an eSpace with an entity, outsystems platform generates your database tables with the following prefix


Are the prefix XXX stored in the oml file itself or is it auto generated at runtime? and tables ending with numbers are they generated at runtime? or is it stored in the OML file?   I believe it might be auto-generated by the platform and its not stored in the oml file? Can someone at outsystems confirm this? (You have access to view the OML file, you would see an XML file, and each entity would be assigned a Service studio key (SSKey), but what about the physical name is it also stored inside the OML file itself?)
Hi Robert,
The Physical Name of the Entity will depend upon the setting in Ossys_Parameter the default format is like you mentioned but you can also change it to keep the same name as you defined in Service Studio.
Please see the link  ( This is very old post but making change as mentioned is still working for us) , we keep the same entity name as we given in service studio , we made this change as our customer doesnt agreed with the platform entity format as those are also being used by other application outside the OS platform.