Set max and min date on date input on iOS and Android

I'm using a input field with date Number and a callendar widget attached to it with max valu and maximu year option set up and on iOS and Android app it rocignised correctly and brings up native date selector but any date can be selected. However is there any way to set max and min possible date that are respected by native selectors? 
Thank you.

looking at the input_calendar widget, I think you can only specify a min and max year, not an actual date. It would be a nice feature though.
If the calender widget doesn't allow it, the only option is to add a validation when the users confirm the screen/fields.
Hi Mykola,

Try to add 2 extended properties in the input, called max and min. They should follow this format: "1996-12-19"

See the spec http://here:

Note: didn't test it, and my experience with the date time native pickers is that they are very browser/device dependent. The standard spec for it in the html5 is very bad and many browsers do not follow it.

João Rosado