why screen action is triggered when no one is using the application

Hi All,

I created a webpage to test SMS integration, the screen only has a button which links to a action, the action is hardcoded to send a fixed message to my phone number when the button is clicked.
SMS integration is done by passing parameter to a url directly( using httpGet in outsystems)

I recevied test message during evening time when no one is using the application, no activity is logged in the screen log,  how do i find out why the SMS is triggred? 

Hi Linguo,

By HttpGet you mean the ardoHTTP extension action or a REST call?
If the extension you can also check the Extension logs.
If it's a REST API call, then check the Integration logs.

Do you have logs regarding any of those?

João Rosado
There's no scheduled timer?
ardoHTTP extension, the log show no activity. 
No schedule timer either.

Maybe it is due to sms gateway, 
i have stopped the application to see whether it will still happen.