[MemoryCache] GetText is returning -undefined-

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Published on 2016-06-16 by André Siébra
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Published on 2016-06-16 by André Siébra

i was testing this extension and when i do a Cache_GetText on a new Key, i get -undefined-.

How can i identify if the cache exists or not?

I'm using version 9.1

Hi Joel,

Action Cache_GetText returns empty when you pass an invalid Key. Therefore, to indentify if cache exists or not you only need to verify if this action returns empty.

This component was published for platform Maybe you are experiencing some incompatibility issue... Anyway, I have plans to publish a new version compatible with 9.1.500 as soon as it is available (probably this week).
I'm doing:
CacheGetCache.Text  = ""
and it's never True.

Let me know if you can replicate the behaviour with 9.1.


Hi Joel,

The new version is already available in the Forge. It is compatible with Development Envinroment 9.1.301. 

There is a fix for the issue you have reported. If the problem persists, try to check if you are using Cache_GetText Action to get a binary item (it's correct to return -undefined- in this case). 

Thank you very much for the feedback!

André Siébra.