Getting tooltip information from a chart


On my application, i want to be able to click on a segment of the chart and refresh the list below that will display the customers with the status clicked. My problem is that the action DataPoint_GetClicked is not returning the DataSetName, Tooltip or Color attributes of the data point i clicked. Initially, i could use the Label attribute to send the status but i can't use this method anymore because i dont want to display the status on the Label. I attached the OML file of my app to help on troubleshooting.
You can customize the chart legend, tooltip, labels, etc. Take a look at
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Thank you very much for the answer and information. However I cannot say that could solve my problem. Maybe I was bit confusing describing my problem.
I want to be able to refresh my customers list by status, which I will chosen by clicking on the chart. I define the chart's Data Points attributes (Label, Value, DataSet, Tooltip, Color) through the DataPoint_Init action and use the Tooltip attribute to send the status information.
When I click the chart, it is going to execute the OnClick screen action which will use the DataPoint_GetClicked built-in action to get the attributes defined earlier in the DataPoint. However, this same action only returns the Label and Value attributes. The other attributes are returned as blank strings even though I defined them earlier. Don't want to assume anything but I think there is a problem with the DataPoint_GetClicked action. Hope I was a bit more clear.


I'm having the exact same problem. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Filipe: did you find any workaround in the mean time?

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I'm also experiencing this issue with DataPoint_GetClicked during the OnClick action of a column Chart. The "Label" and "Value" attributes are being passed as expected, but the Color attribute value is not being passed by this action. I tried creating my own Data Point custom structure and using that in the ListAppend that creates the chart, making the Color attribute mandatory, but the DataPoint_GetClicked action still uses the original Data Point structure and does not pass the Color value. Please advise.

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Any help with this issue? I have the exact same problem.