I need help with using google maps with the Dublin Theme...Maps display while in design mode based on Example, but not at run-time. This phenomenon does not happen with London Theme.. please help..

I'm stuck with my project.. else let me know how to switch to another theme without having to re-design my app from scratch.. This is becoming very frustrating..

I've seen a similar behaviour when handling photos (binary data).

I'm using the personal environment in the outsystemscloud

Hi Jubilee,

Can you give us an example where the problem happens?
It can either be uploading sample module or a link to a anonymous page that replicates it.

João Rosado

Hi Jubilee,

I looked at your espace via the forge and the request you are making is the following:


This issue here is you are setting the size = 0x200 and google is returning:

The Google Maps API server rejected your request. Invalid request. Invalid 'size' parameter.
If you change the size parameter to a valid parameter such as size=200x200, everything is working fine:


Let me know if this solves your problem,

Hi Justin,
I attach the oml for your perusal.  In design mode I do not see any parameter for fully sizing the map, except height and zoom; there's no width nor autosize. Also notice that the feature works fine in design mode.  It's surprising that the London Theme doesn't have this problem...

Please examine my oml if I may be doing something wrong, especially on the AgentDetail screen. Thanks..

Hi Jubilee,

The difference between London and Dublin is that Dublin has a Fluid size grid (with percentage size), while London (well one of them) uses a Fixed size grid (with fixed size) and looks like the maps component is not prepared for it.

I'm uploading an edited  version of it that also works on a fluid grid. The disadvantage of my change is that now it flickers a bit when the page is rendering, but I'm not sure how to fix it (or even if it's possible to fix, since the page needs to be initially rendered to calculate the size that it will be able to take on the page)

I created a thread in that component sub-forum as well so the team responsible gets a notice.

João Rosado

Hello Joao,
The oml you provided has solved the problem. The flickering is not such a big deal, in my opinion....