Hi guys,

I'm facing some issues with CSS.
In Service Studio everything appears with CSS, but in browser don't. I used IE, Firefox and Chrome to test.
I think the problem is with ID, because I'm trying to set an ID and on the browsers wont load this id.

There are any way to set an ID?

Kind Regards,
Diogo Miguel

Hi Diogo,

It's not recommended to make css rules based on id's since you cannot control them at all.

You should created rules based on classes ".yourstylename {  .... }" and then set the style property of the widget to "yourstyleme".

It's really weird that you managed to get a css work by id inside Service Studio preview. What did you use?

João Rosado

Hi João,

Thanks for your reply.
I used the Extended Properties with the name "id" and value with the id on the CSS.

Kind Regards,
Diogo Miguel

I believe the issue is then, 

the id is being "generated" by outsystems, so your extended property will not be parsed.

like joao said, just use the class instead of id.