Service Unavailable


I just want to ask how can I resolve the Error 503 "Service Unavailable" in my personal cloud environment?


Hi Regie,

As answered in the other topic, you should open a support ticket directly or by email ( so they can check your server status.

João Rosado

Hi João,

Thanks for the response, I've already sent an email to 
(, I should just wait for them to check my server status.


Hi Regie,
I think it is problem of application pool outsystem support team need to work for this.

Shashikant Shukla
This also comes when you server doesnt have enough resources to serve the request like 100% cpu usages or memory. Regards -PJ-


I had the same problem and the solution may help others in the future (especially those new to the platform like me). 

The problem I had was an infinite loop on the Preparation action of my HomePage which rendered the application unresponsive. The solution was simply to correct the bug :)

Nevertheless, I have to praise OutSystem's support team. Even though a colleague at work helped me find the bug 3 minutes before OutSystems' support team answered my email, I'm amazed at their professionalism - they looked into my code, found the bug and sent me a concise email describing where it was and how to correct it. Great work!