Getting '0' while passing Null Identifier from front end

Hi everyone,
       i have some attributes of datatype identifier when i am passing the null identifier from my screen to a procedure, i am getting '0' value in backend  not null , so far i have managed it by adding the condition in procedure if its 0 then consider it as a null value. which is not a right approch,
 so my question is, Is there any other way to handle it, i want the same value which i have passed form front end without adding any conditon.

Rajendra Singh
Hi Rajendra,

Outsystems doesn't have null values.

If you are passing a nullidentifier for your updates and inserts then you shouldn't have any NULL values in your database. They should all be 0. 

lots posts about NULL values. here's one that explains it well and offers some workarounds. but you found already a workaround...

Hope this helps.

It means its a bug..

HI Rajendra,

There are no nulls in the language, so NullIdentifier() is a 0.

The only exception is when setting foreign keys in the database. Where 0 is automatically converted to a null to keep the database integrity con trains.

So that part is by design, not a bug.

João Rosado

Thanks João Rosado.