[BrowserSession] Anybody know if this will run in 9.0.x.y?

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Published on 1 Mar by Remco Dekkinga
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Published on 1 Mar by Remco Dekkinga
Has anybody tried to run this in 9.0.x.y?  Any reason why it wouldn't work?

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The extension code should work in any version running on .NET, but I build it in 9.1, because I don't have any older versions installed.

Kind regards, Remco

HI Remco,

Will this extension work in OS 10.X.X.X?



Hi Siva,

This extension should work in any version. It's just a couple of lines of c#. The only thing that might happen, is that the system needs to upgrade the extension on first publish.

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Remco Dekkinga

Thanks a lot for your reply.

We will try and let you know if any issues.