Scaffolding Editable Table Widget

Hello Community,

Scaffolding = Awesome

Can you create your own scaffolding as I find I am using EditableTable Widget a lot?

Without inheritence I am struggling to do this quickly and struggling to change all of the EditableTables windows at once after I learn something new or fix something or change in look and feel but at least I could cut out the intial creation time and standarize the intial creation. The problem I have 7 editable tables windows and all of them are slightly different...not good...will get better with experience but still a little too easy to create individual unique solutions for each window when all i want is a standard solution that is easily maintanble for all 7 windows.


Hi George,

I agree with you!

Can you submit that suggestion on "ideas" please? It's nice to have all the suggestions in just one place so that we can vote them and prioritize ;)

have a beautiful day,